Tiedostokauppa is a completely new way to trade files, knowledge and know-how.

Tiedostokauppa´s basic idea is to sell your knowledge and skills in the form of files and disburses proceeds of the sale for you, whether you are any where in the world!

Electronic file can be for example. Doc,. Pdf,. Jpg,. Tiff,. Mp3,. Mp4,. Avi,. Mpg,. Step,. Part, or any other use of the file type.

Electronic file (product) may be recommended to another person, a piece of music, e-book, idea, video, game, appliqué, a poem, a novel, 3D model, 3D printing file, fabrication drawing ... etc. You know, you decide!

Store the file on its own, would like to contribute to the evolution of technology, internationalism, equality, human rights, integrity, a life of freedom and commerce.

Therefore, according to the source and the other with the world !




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